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In our Customization series, we've covered how you can auto-hide some panes, as well as float, move, and dock them in a variety of locations (top, bottom, side, wherever). And how you can customize the look and size of the mode buttons, hide and rearrange toolbars, add and remove their buttons, and more. But we're not done yet.

Can you even handle this much customization? You can basically do a DIY reno on various elements of the software. You can straight up design your own menus in Manage mode. The most obvious reason to do this is for easy access, because we're all about efficiency. First you create a new menu, then add to it.

Back to the ol' Customize dialog box. You can get to it in one of the following ways:

  • In Manage mode, click View | Toolbars and then select Customize.
  • In Manage mode, click the drop-down arrow located to the right of the Main toolbar or File List toolbar, select Add or Remove Buttons, and then select Customize.

In the Customize dialog box, you'll find what you're looking for on the Command tab.

New Menu Category

On the Commands tab, select New Menu from the Categories field.

New Menu Category

Then, in the Commands field, select New Menu and drag it to the toolbar location you desire.

New Menu Category

New Menu Added

Now to go about adding the functions you want to your new menu. Any adding or deleting of menu items (or deleting the new menu itself) must be done with the Customize dialog open. So on the Commands tab, choose a type in the Categories field, and then explore the options of each type in the Commands field.

Categories Commands

Then, pick options from the Commands field and drag them to your new menu on the toolbar. You need to let the new menu expand down before you can drop it on the menu.

Drag to Menu

New Menu Item

And you can keep right on adding as desired.

Completed Custom Menu

If you would like to name this new menu something that isn't "New Menu", (totally understandable), keep the Customize dialog open. Right-click your new menu and choose Button Appearance... from the context menu.

Customize Menu Name

In the Button Appearance dialog, with Text only selected, put the menu's new name in the field.

Enter Name


Silly Menu Name

Then press OK.

Silly Menu Name

But, I might as well equip you with the knowledge of how to undo any ensuing madness. Again with Customize dialog open, right-click the new menu (that you made). Choose Delete from the context menu. You can do this for a specific menu item, or for the whole menu itself, depending which you right-click.


Delete Top Menu

And there you have it: the freedom to make and name and delete your own menus!

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