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If you’re spending a lot of time adding the same develop settings to more than one image, that’s kind of lame. (Don’t worry. It’s not your fault.) You don’t have time for that. Besides, if there’s a scenario where you need to add precisely the same settings to several photos, you could be wasting your energy writing these settings down and applying them to each photo individually. Don’t do that.

You can save your develop settings as a preset and then apply the same adjustments to additional images. Presets allow you to quickly apply changes to an image without having to repeat the steps each time you want to apply the same change. You can create a preset with one or multiple develop settings. You can apply as many presets as you want to an image. Each time you add a preset, the settings are applied on top of the previous settings.

In each of the groups in Develop mode, (Lighting, Soft Focus, Crop, etc), there is a Develop Settings button. Under the Develop Settings button, there is a menu item called Save Preset. Selecting Save Preset will save all of the settings that you have made in that group alone.

Save Preset

Enter a name for your preset and press OK.

General Tab

You can now find your saved preset on the Develop Settings menu in that group. This is the only place you can find and access this saved preset.

Saved General Tab

At the top of the pane, there is an additional Develop Settings button which allows you to save and access presets relevant to all of the changes on that pane. In other words, if you are on the Tune tab and say, you make some changes to the White Balance group, the Soft Focus group, and the Lighting group, you can use the Develop Settings button at the pane level to save all of those changes as one preset.

Tab Develop Settings Button
Access Tab Saved

Access the saved preset using the same Develop Settings button at the top of the pane.

Lastly, for global develop presets, access the Develop Settings button at the top of the Develop Tools panel. The presets that you save under this button include the changes you’ve made under the Tune, Detail, Geometry, and Repair tab.

Global Develop Settings Button

Once you have made all of the changes you would like to make on all of the Develop tabs, click the Develop Settings button and select Save Preset. On the Save Develop Settings Preset dialog, select which settings you would like to include and exclude from the preset you are saving. (This gives you complete freedom to add as much or as little of the settings to other photos or batches of photos.) Then enter a name for your preset and click OK.

Global Develop Preset Dialog

This preset will be available for you to apply to multiple images at once in Manage mode, for maximum time-saving awesomeness.

To apply your preset to one or more images, select the images in Manage mode. Right-click and select Process | Apply Preset | <name of your preset>.

Preset Batch

ACDSee Pro will now apply your preset to the selected images.


And bam! Now you know how to process huge batches of photos in a snap.

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