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In this tutorial, we'll be replacing a face on one image with another using layers, masks, the selection brush and other ACDSee Ultimate 10 editing tools.

1. Select and edit your first image, the image of the face you want to replace. Once in edit mode, select your second image from the film strip at the bottom. Click and drag the second image onto the Layers panel.

2. Lower the opacity on the second image. Resize and rotate image to match the face of the first image. Once you have the right fit, hide the second image by clicking on the eye icon beside the image.

3. Select layer 1 (image one) and select the Brush Selection tool on the top tool bar on the left-hand side and turn smart brushing off.

4. Using the brush selection tool, select the area of the face you would like to replace.

5. Select layer 2 and click on the Add Layer Mask icon under the Adjustment Layers options.

6. Unhide layer 2 by clicking on the eye icon and increase the opacity to 100.

7. Select the brush tool and decrease the opacity and increase the feathering.

8. Remove the unwanted areas of the layer mask to fuse the two faces.

9. Add a Skin Tune adjustment layer to blend the two skin tunes together.

10. Click Done.

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