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Sisters with bokeh

As mentioned in the last post, we are going to be talking about bokeh. Bokeh is a popular technique, especially this time of year. It adds a softness and warmth to your holiday photos and, even better, it’s pretty simple to do.


To create bokeh you want to use a very wide aperture to create a very shallow depth of field. Whichever lens you use, you’ll generally want to choose the lowest f-stop you have. Remember, the lower the f-stop, the wider the aperture. The aperture also affects the size of the bokeh—the wider it is, the larger the balls of light. A smaller aperture not only produces a smaller bokeh, but changes the shape, becoming more hexagonal.

Dog with bokeh


Another way to develop bokeh is to create space between your subject and the background. If you’re using the kit lens (the lens that came with your camera), and you can’t get a low enough f-stop, you may need to play around with spacing. The farther away your subject is from the background, the blurrier it will be.

Experiment with different apertures and spacing, creating different effects. Choose a variety of subjects for your photos—a person, pet, or a decoration. Even try an artistic shot with everything out of focus. Have fun with it!

Menorah with bokeh


If you’ve already taken photos and want to add bokeh in post-processing, you can do so with ACDSee Ultimate 10, ACDSee Pro 10, or ACDSee 20. In Edit mode, go to the Blur tool in the Detail group. Select the Lens Blur button and choose the amount, frequency, brightness, and shape of the bokeh you want. Voila, you have bokeh!

Happy Shooting!

Christmas Tree with bokeh

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